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2017-10-22 06:24:35 by TimCaloweh

Sorry i didn't know the link i had for my Tapas comic wasn't valid anymore. You see, I changed direction in the comic and decided that instead of making the spinoff comic before the official comic, I would just start the official comic. So i did and i even changed the name so thats why the link no longer takes you anywhere. Heres the new link.


2017-09-25 06:08:23 by TimCaloweh

I'm gonna be uploading my Lost in No Man's Land comic on Tapas.

Link here

The Rainy Days Short Comics

2017-09-09 20:35:27 by TimCaloweh

So I recently released my first Rainy Days short comic, Lost In No Man's Land, and the art doesn't seem to stick. I've tried working at it but instead decided to try a style new to me. That being said, expect the next short comic to have this new style.

Be sure to reread my first comic and await further additions.Thanks.

The Rainy Days

2017-09-01 13:42:00 by TimCaloweh

Well here's my humble beginning.

My Rainy Days comics strips are coming. Keep an out and tell me what you think. I'd appreciate all kinds of feedback. And maybe in the future, someone can help me with the official story. 

For now, enjoy my Rainy Days.


Looking for writing partner

2017-08-14 15:32:11 by TimCaloweh

The Rainy Days comic series needs an extra writing.

It's a short series and doesn't pay but the series will go through the usual posting process which could accumulate profit if the series is good enough. 

All that aside, I just want the story to be good and I just need an extra set of comedic eyes too help out.

A Joke from Frank

2016-10-09 03:50:09 by TimCaloweh

Frank: I got a banana in my pocket... and something else.

Isaac: You don't even wear pants.

Frank: So you noticed. Very kinky.

A Joke from Frank

2016-09-11 15:00:10 by TimCaloweh

Frank: I want some pie.

Isaac: I need some pussy.

Frank: Thats what I just said.

A Joke from Frank

2016-08-24 04:44:01 by TimCaloweh

Frank: Hey look Isaac, i'm Jewish. Roar!


A Joke from Frank

2016-08-21 23:13:03 by TimCaloweh

Frank: Hey Isaac, whats sixty-nine?

Isaac: The year Led Zeppelin launched their first album.


A Joke from Frank

2016-08-21 15:20:56 by TimCaloweh

Frank: Hey Isaac look. I'm a bun.


Frank: Hey Isaac look. I'm a donut.